14 x 11-inch Cutting Board

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64801 11.x14.JPG

14 x 11-inch Cutting Board

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About this cutting board

I made this cutting board (SN #643) in early 2019. It’s fabricated of (mostly) local, sustainably-harvested timber and was designed, milled, cut, and assembled almost exclusively by hand in my studio/garage.

The hardwoods used were carefully selected for their hardness and ability to resist damage and should last a lifetime with proper care (see below).

The pieces are fused with high-quality, non-toxic wood glue and the non-skid feet are affixed with stainless steel or brass screws instead of glue. 

The final product is then sanded to perfection, and hand-rubbed—first with several coats food-grade mineral oil, then finished with a special blend of mineral oil and hot paraffin wax.

Daily cutting board care

After use, rinse the cutting board in lukewarm water.

If necessary, use a sponge or dishrag and gentle dish soap for stubborn stains. . 

Dry it immediately with a soft cloth or dish towel.

Tip: Rub a bit of fragrance-free mineral oil (or butcher block oil) into it every now and then to prevent the wood from drying out.

Long-term cutting board care

After a year or two, your cutting board may begin to show signs of wear-and-tear. To restore it, use some elbow grease and 120 grit sandpaper to remove signs of wear and tear. Sand with 220 grit and then 320 grit sandpaper to eliminate all scratches.

When the surface is smooth, rub fragrance-free mineral oil (or butcher block oil) into the wood with a soft cloth. Remove the excess oil with another soft cloth and your cutting board will be ready for another year or two of reliable service. 

Repeat as needed.