Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus  Bestselling author, Houston Chronicle and Mac Observer tech columnist, and proprietor of  Working Smarter for Mac Users.

Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
Bestselling author, Houston Chronicle and Mac Observer tech columnist, and proprietor of Working Smarter for Mac Users.

How may I help you?

I've always loved working one-on-one with Apple users, but, until recently, I didn't have the time. Now that I do, I look forward to helping you maximize your productivity and resolve your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other Apple-related issues.

Some ways I may be able to help you

  • Productivity audit:  Are you as effective and efficient as you could be? If not, I will observe your working style and show you how to do whatever you're doing better, faster, and more elegantly, so you'll have more time for things you love.   
  • Troubleshooting Mac, iPhone, or iPad issues: I'm one of the best Mac and iOS troubleshooters I know. Really. If I can't figure out what's wrong with your Mac or iDevice and fix it (or determine it is a hardware failure), you'll pay nothing. It's that simple.

  • Hardware or software recommendations: Tell me exactly what you're hoping to accomplish and I'll do the research and recommend the best tools and workflows based on your needs and budget.  
  • Software or task-based training: I'm proficient using dozens of apps including but not limited to: Photos, iTunes, Pages, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, Photoshop, Microsoft Office (all versions), and Final Cut Pro. I can teach you how to perform almost any task faster and more easily if you depend upon these (or many other) apps. 
  • Backup strategy development and deployment: I can help you devise the right backup strategy based on your needs and budget. If you like, I can even set your system up, configure and test it, and provide written instructions for testing and restoring.   

How it works

If you're in Austin, TX, I make house calls at no additional cost. 

If you're anywhere except Austin, TX, we'll use POTS (plain old telephone service), Skype, or FaceTime to talk to each other, and macOS screen sharing to allow me to control and view your Mac screen remotely. 

By the way, if you're anywhere except Austin, TX, I'd be willing to make a house call if you'd be willing to pay my travel and lodging expenses. Just ask! 

So, just click the Contact Me button below and fill out the form. I'll get back to you within 24 hours (and usually sooner) with a detailed quote.

There's no obligation and if your project takes longer than estimated—even days or weeks longer—you won't be charged until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. And, of course, you never pay more than my quote regardless of how long it takes to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

Satisfaction guaranteed

I'm so confident I'll be able to help you that I offer this simple guarantee: If I fail to resolve your issue, or don't deliver what was promised, you will not be charged. Period.


Pricing upon request.