Working Smarter for Mac Users
Table of Contents & Sample Chapters


Table of Contents

Introduction (free sample chapter—click to read)
Prelude: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (free sample chapter—click to read)

Part I: Improve Your Efficiency

Chapter 1    Better, Faster, and More Elegantly
Chapter 2    Getting and Staying Organized
Chapter 3    A Few of My Favorite Efficiency-Enhancers

Part II: Plan Your Activities

Chapter 4    Ya Gotta Have A Plan, Stan
Chapter 5    The Cure for Email Overload—Guaranteed!
Chapter 6    Why Not Backing Up is not an Option

Part III: Banish Procrastination

Chapter 7    Stop Procrastinating; Get Stuff Done
Chapter 8    How Not to Procrastinate
Chapter 9    Software and Focus and Sounds (Oh My!)

Chapter 10  Afterlude