You know how Consumer Reports magazine has the Selling It column on the inside back cover? You know, the one that pokes fun at goofs and glitches in ads and solicitations?

I recently received this direct mail piece from none other than Consumer Reports

I thought the way they redefined the word "free" was a goof (or, at least a glitch), so I submitted it last month.

I'd say the odds of it running in the magazine are slim and none. But I could be wrong and I hope they have the balls (and sense of humor) to run it. We'll see. 

For what it's worth, I happen to like Consumer Reports a lot, usually, and I was a sad to have to bust their chops this way. On the other hand, questionable marketing tactics should be called out, don't you think?

Well, I do and I did! Comments welcome!  

Hashtag: #CRSellingIt

Consumer Reports' Selling It column: As seen on the inside back cover each month (this one's from May 2016…