Please allow me to introduce you to Posture Keeper (, a “Lumbar Support System” with padded straps that looks like a backpack with its front half removed, and attaches to most chairs in less than 30 seconds. You strap yourself to your chair with Posture Keeper, and it prevents you from leaning forward or hunching over the keyboard.


Posture Keeper has an added benefit I don't think its makers have noticed yet. Or if they have noticed, they've chosen not to use it as a marketing ploy. The added benefit is that Posture Keeper helps you keep your ass in the chair.

Allow me to explain…

If you've ever seen me speak (or attended my webinar), chances are good you saw a slide like this one:

**Ass in chair quotes slide.jpg

Which is why I was tickled to discover that not only does Posture Keeper help my body maintain proper posture while I work, it also has the added advantage of keeping my ass in the chair!

And, as the slide says, I believe the secret to getting stuff done is keeping your ass in the chair!

**Keeping My Ass in the Chair (and my Posture Perfect).jpg

You can’t yet order Posture Keeper just yet and the price hasn’t been announced. But... You can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign starts (last I heard it was slated for late August).

I’ve tried at least a dozen different chairs, balls, stools, supports, and pillows designed to reduce back strain at my desk. I’ve been using a prototype of Posture Keeper for months and it’s the first thing I’ve tried that actually works for reducing lower back pain, and the only thing I've found beside duct tape that actually does keep my ass in the chair.